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Redwood Golf Outing

The key to running any successful golf event (benefit, charity, corporate, etc.) is to impress upon your supporters a true "WOW FACTOR". If done properly, folks will continue to come back year after year and will spread the word about your event and the importance of your "cause" whatever it may be. Quite simply, if you can exceed the expectations of your guests, they will continue to support your events. Quite simply, Redwood will provide the ingredients for your successful events. 

Your Family Reunion Party at Redwood

Reunions are great opportunities for family and friends to connect! Why not book your next reunion at Redwood, featuring a fireplace, full bar and restaurant.  

Our new clubhouse, built in 2012-13 features all the amenities that will make your reunion one to remember.  

Phone: (989)-821-9821 

After your round & "After Dark", enjoy our new clubhouse for fun, food & drinks!.

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